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Best Moroccan foods | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco.

Best moroccan foods | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco gastronomy one of the richest in the world. it's influenced of different cultures in Morocco (Amazigh, Berbere Tachelhit Tamazight Tarifit, Sahraoui, Arabic, Jewish, Andalusian, etc.) This is how it was ranked 2nd best gastronomy in the world in 2014 by WorldSIM Travel Blog. Here is the essential Moroccan cuisine, dishes cooked in every household in Morocco.

Best Moroccan foods | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco.


the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco  best moroccan foods

It is impossible not to hear about Moroccan tajine. one of best Moroccan foods. There are an infinite number of tajine recipes, all tastier than the others: saffron or prunes, chicken tagine with vegetables, sardine tagines, tajines of sheep with onions and chickpeas, vegetable tajines with chickpeas, etc... Spices are the essential touch to give tajine flavor. Tagine is a typical Moroccan dish whose origins are also Berber. An emblematic dish of Morocco, tajine holds a special place in the cuisine of this country. It is a sweet or salty preparation where all the meats, all the fish, the vegetables like the fruits have used it There are at least 200 tajine recipes. For vegetarians, there is the Berber tajine that contains no meat. What is impressive about this dish is that it can be an everyday dish, very economical, or for more special occasions. Practically a different recipe for each day of the year. We still do not know the origin of the word tajine if it comes from Berber, Greek or Persian? that is still discussed. the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco.


the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco best moroccan foods moroccan couscous

Traditionally served on Friday noon, probably the most popular dish with tajine, whether with seven vegetables or onions and candied fruits, it is in any case the one that comes first when referring to Moroccan gastronomy, Made from a steamed wheat semolina and mixture of meat, vegetables, flavored or plain. The preparation requires a certain technicality since the very hot semolina is handled by hand and must be mixed three times.couscous recipes are however very numerous. It can also be consumed alone, hot or cold, as a dessert or side dish. It is a very balanced dish, attention anyway, couscous remains one of the Best Moroccan foods and why not best cuisine of the worlds and most common dishes of the Moroccan family and is usually prepared on Fridays, after the prayer of Al Jomoa, it is tasted today indifferently every day of the week. Of Berber origin, the traditional version consists of beef and mutton, sometimes chicken, a multitude of vegetables and legumes (turnips, lentils, beans, peas, zucchini ). Moroccans taste it on the plate, or serve it on individual plates. At large festive meals, such as weddings, couscous is served as a result of pastilla and tajine.

La Pastilla

moroccan pastilla | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

The traditional version of the Third great Moroccan specialty, is made from pigeon, but there are still several variants, depending on preference, you can use chicken. This dish is undoubtedly the emblem of Moroccan celebrations. Served at parties and receptions, this specialty is usually prepared during major ceremonies such as weddings or outright during festive meals. it can be sweet or salty, Tasting sometimes as an entrée or as the main course of a meal. For lovers of sweet and savory, it is a dish that will awaken in you a thousand and one sensations. The pastilla Originally from Fez, pastilla is the third typical dish in Morocco and one of the best Moroccan foods and why not best cuisine of the worlds , It is a pastry, made from brick leaves also called "warka" are used as container and arestuffed with almond meat or chicken. The whole is covered with sugar and cinnamon. There are also variations on fish and even milk for dessert, seafood pastillas while Johara, the pastilla of Fez, is a sweet preparation where the brick leaves are filled with a milk cream and cornstarch. Cinnamon and orange blossom, powdered sugar is used to decorate the dish. For those who prefer salty, there is the fish version of this dish.


moroccan Tanjia | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

Tanjia is a dish made by men. But that did not stop women from preparing this dish Tanjia is therefore a dish that is traditionally prepared by putting pieces of lamb or veal in the earthen jar which is closed by paper and is tied. The Tanjia is a typical dish in Marrakech: The tanjia cooked at "Fernatchi" is usually the person who is responsible for heating the traditional Hammam (Moorish baths). For a few dozen dirhams, who must keep the Tanjia warm, in the ashes, for a period not to be less than six hours. it is a dish of meats and spices cooked for long hours. The legend says that Tanjia is the dish of artisans, they used to prepare Tanjia before every Friday.
One of the peculiarities of this dish is that its confection is generally given to men. Two stories tell about Tanjia origin. The most popular is that it was created by workers who, having no time to go home to eat, took all the ingredients they found, meats, spices, vegetables, put them in the earthen jar then left heating until the next day in the nearby hammam.
In any case, one thing is certain: This dish is from Marrakech. Moreover, some butchers of the ocher city are true specialists of Tanjia. his local Marrakech specialty is named because the earthen jar in which the dish is cooked also classed Best Moroccan foods.


moroccan Mrouzia | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

Traditionally served at the Eid el-Kebir festival and prepared with lamb, It is a sweet and salty tajine, with mutton or lamb and almonds, where the sweet aromas of honey and cinnamon predominate.
In the traditional recipe, kidney fat was added to form a protective, which kept the dish at a time when there was no refrigerator. This is a very special recipe of Moroccan tajine,The dish is prepared days before the party, the meat having to cook long hours, to detach without effort. Mrouzia is one of the most important dishes of Moroccan cuisine and one of the best Moroccan foods and why not best cuisine of the worlds.

Le Mechoui

moroccan Mechoui | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

The fact is the Méchoui is a dish that is eaten on special occasions (Eid El Kbir, weddings ...) Best Moroccan foods , mechoui means more a cooking method than a recipe in particular. Of Arab origin, it is a common dish, served mainly for weddings or special occasions.the Méchoui became widespread in North Africa. It can be enjoyed with tea. The special feature of the Moroccan mechoui is that the lamb or mutton is cooked, cumin is an essential ingredient for this dish that will delight lamb lovers. It is a princely dish, prepared for a special occasion like a wedding (in this kind of event you can use all the lamb). in the stew, in a kiln, for long hours. Hand-cut pieces are then detached, and distinguished guests are traditionally served first.
it must also be said that the term Mechoui refers to the cooking medium rather than the main ingredient. This is a notice to carnivores! Mechoui is a dish based mainly on meat. Leg of lamb is usually accompanied by stir-fried vegetables. best cuisine of the worlds.


moroccan hargma bilghman | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

"Bilghman" Sahrawis "magic" in Ramadan to drive out hunger and thirst
During the month of Ramadan, the Sahrawi families agree to prepare a local dish called "Bilghman". They seek to remove thirst before hunger from their bodies in a dry climate characterized by extreme heat and dry weather. This year marks the beginning of the summer. Light on this magic recipe.
The Sahrawis are bags of what is locally called "swearing", bags made of "cannabis" used by one of the sugar marketing companies in the form of a template in the transfer of their products to the Moroccan regions, and these bags were destroyed and still retain them because of their environmental privacy and preservation of the coolness of everything inside , So that some families deliberately drained water to maintain the cold water for long periods, and takes the desert women practical, as it is responsible for the management of the extracted quantity, which must be present at the table for a whole year, especially in the month of Ramadan, where it is adopted a major food in Suhur (before sunrise) .
There are two methods to prepare the food, it is based on two types of flour, the first is drawn from the green barley, which is completed in March and early April before the ears are yellowing and called the flour extracted from the "Aznbo", and if the Sahrawis not pounds at the time, A quantity of the crop harvested in late May and early June, and purified by women at home and was gorged and then fried in a pot on a low heat and called in this case "Mukli".
And is then directed to the molar or the local locals, "Azark", which is two large rooms, the lower Altaba and upper with a piece of wood and is moved in a counterclockwise direction, and add barley grain in a nozzle made above the upper stone lead directly into the mill, The yellow grain turns into a soft, fine flour that smells the place. Also one of the best moroccan foods.


moroccan seffa | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

Seffa is a Moroccan dish, it is prepared with angel hair, rice or couscous semolina, sweet or salty, it is very fine vermicelli, steamed and scented with cinnamon, added sugar according to the taste as well as dried fruits (raisins, almonds, dates ...). this recipe is a must in every Moroccan family. This is a real treasure hunt that is proposed to us by the seffa. The seffa is a Moroccan specialty that is usually served between the main course and dessert, Indeed, the filling is in the center of the dish, so you have to make your way in this mountain of pleasure. Dried fruits, cinnamon and powdered sugar are used to decorate the dish. Usually served on special occasions between the main course of meat and dessert, seffa is one of the best Moroccan foods and why not best cuisine of the worlds


moroccan rfissa | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

The rfissa is a Moroccan dish based on msemmen (Maghrebi pancake), a broth of onions, ginger, coriander, saffron, ras al hanout, chicken meat and the essential fenugreek which gives it its unique flavor.
To prepare the Rfissa, it is necessary to cook trides which are like fine pieces.
- First the realization of the msemens (Moroccan creps),I recommend you to prepare the msemens the day before, like that you are calm for the sauce of the dish and the chicken. a kind of squares laminated with flour or a mixture of flour and fine semolina.
-And the realization of a succulent sauce with chicken and lentils and the essential halba (fenugreek, which has the particularity to open the appetite)
Indeed, it would promote the rise of breast milk because rfissa is very nourishing and satiates quickly.
Best Moroccan foods and best cuisine of the worlds. This dish has remained for centuries in Moroccan traditions It is a rich and very tasty dish often prepared during a birth story to give strength to the new mother. The dish consists of thin leaves of msemen generously sprinkled with a chicken sauce and lentils, all well perfumed.
This is a typical Moroccan dish, el rfissa, generous and tasty best cuisine of the worlds.

Hargma (Kar3ine)

moroccan hargma kar3ine | the best cuisine of the worlds in Morocco | best moroccan foods.

It must be admitted that there are some people who are reluctant to eat It is a typical Moroccan dish, very greedy. Do not plan to run the marathon after a dish like this. Easy to do, do not ask too much technique, you just have to order your veal feet in advance from your butcher cleaned and cut.
Truly, we realize that eating calf or sheep feet, the first ready, it doesn't appear to be tantalizing. Taste this tajine and you will rapidly alter your opinion. Ker3ines is an ordinary Moroccan dish and one of best Moroccan foods for locals, exceptionally eager, normally arranged on unique events or amid times of extraordinary dish. Initially, this formula was set up by Moroccan Jewish families, who served it with boiled eggs. After some time, the recipe has pretty much extended, and today it is standard to set it up with chickpeas and raisins or with squashed wheat or rice. Every district of Morocco brings a grain of salt.

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